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Project Description

Author: Tsao, Willy and Chan, Hing Yan
Title: Warrior Lanling (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

(Hong Kong Version)

Warrior Lanling was a famous general and renowned adonis who lived in China around 500AD. Despite the civil strife and bloodshed, his beauty reigned. Famed for his fearsome mask, he was invincible on the battlefield. His success fueled the king’s jealousy and ultimately led to his untimely death. Warrior Lanling was poisoned before reaching his thirties, leaving only a legend.

Fifteen hundred years on, choreographer Willy Tsao attempts to strip the mask from Warrior Lanling and reveal the complexity of this legendary beauty by using four hand-picked virtuoso dancers. Set to an original score by contemporary composer Chan Hing-Yan, and accompanied live by a unique ensemble of musicians, “Warrior Lanling” received rave reviews for its full-house premiere in 2007.

This DVD, featuring behind the scenes footage, is a collector’s item for every dance lover.

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