Guidance and Requirments

icon_guidance_button 30 August, 2021 | Updated Faculty Guideline on Online Teaching and Learning

icon_guidance_button 5 February, 2021 | Updated Faculty Guideline on Online Teaching and Learning

icon_guidance_button September, 2020 | Faculty Guideline on Online Teaching and Learning (September 2020)

icon_guidance_button 10 July, 2020 | Updated Teaching Arrangements for Semester 1, 2020-21

icon_guidance_button Classroom Allocation

Next year some new rules and requirements will be put in place as we begin the transition back to F2F teaching.

Based on estimated enrolment courses are to be divided into:

TYPE A: enrolment of 25 or below;
TYPE B: enrolment of 26-90
TYPE C: enrolment above 90

No classroom will be allocated for the lectures of Type C courses. The lecture components of these courses must be switched completely online.

The seminars and tutorials, usually arranged in for these courses will continue to be f2f.

For Common Core courses, the CC Office will decide on which courses of Type B and C) will have their lectures switched to online delivery, and they will inform teachers separately in due course.

TPg courses will follow the same principles.

These rules will be the same for semester 1 and 2.

The likelihood is that there will not be sufficient classrooms for all courses across the University in the 25-90 range. It’s possible that the Registry may contact some teachers in mid-July to request that they move their lectures 100% online (not seminars).

icon_guidance_button Making Course Materials Available Online

All courses offered in semester 1, irrespective of the class size, must have their course materials available both f2f and online for the first three weeks of the semester to cater for the needs of TPG and UG students who are unable to come to campus because of visa, quarantine and other issues. Please prepare to cater for those students who may not be able to come to the campus physically during this period.

icon_guidance_button Overseas & Exchange/Visiting Activities

There will be no overseas exchange/visiting activities in semester 1.

The University is planning for these activities to return to normal in Semester 2.

Off-campus activities held in Hong Kong are possible in semester 1, subject to protocols. Residential field courses (local) are permitted, subject to Associate Dean (T&L)’s approval.

icon_guidance_button Seminars/Tutorials

These will be taught F2F but will be subject to the University’s “room capacity rule” as stipulated by VP (T&L). The classroom max occupancy must be able to accommodate at least double the number of students present in the tutorial/seminar.

icon_guidance_button May 26, 2020 | Teaching arrangements for Summer Semester and Academic Year 2020-21

icon_guidance_button April, 2020 | Faculty Guideline on Online Teaching and Learning (202004)