Welcome Message


In the School Humanities at HKU we engage critically with different aspects of human experience, past and present. A core motivation for studying cultures and societies through Humanities disciplines is to improve the world in which we live and to achieve a peaceful future. The Humanities are champions of the most urgent projects of the present day: the achievement of more just and egalitarian societies, where citizens are free and equal, and empathetic human communities with a deep understanding and acceptance of diversity.

As we seek to make the world a better place to live in we need to be able to: observe humankind critically, think creatively, understand complex histories in depth, develop a strong moral sense, document the present with maximum objectivity, and strive for a civilised, beautiful, harmonious environment. We can teach you all this and more in our critical and creative programmes, which are products of our expertise in the study of human histories, cultures and works of art, language and thought.

We can’t know the future, and some present day problems may seem insurmountable. But the Humanities provide us with tools we can use to prepare for the unknown and to think our way past difficult challenges. Join us, and become a champion of the future. Welcome to the School of Humanities!