Head’s Welcome Message


Look around you. Do you see a peaceful and just world, or do you feel that there is room for some improvement? I think there is need for a lot of improvement. In fact, it is a most basic human instinct to want to always improve conditions. This is what has made us such a powerful species. If you agree, you are in the right place. The Humanities are the champions of the most urgent missions for a peaceful future: just and egalitarian societies, where citizens are free and equal, and empathetic human communities with a deep understanding and acceptance of diversity. In order to keep our world human, we need to be able to: observe the world critically, think creatively, understand complex histories in depth, develop a strong moral sense, document the present with maximum objectivity, and strive for a civilised, beautiful, harmonious environment. We can teach you all this and more through our critical and creative courses that emerge from our expertise in the study of human histories, cultures and works of art, language and thought. Nobody knows the future. But if you want to be prepared for it, you need to train yourself to manage the unknown. There is no better place to do this than the School of Humanities at HKU. Come and be a champion of the future, and contribute to sustaining the human condition. Welcome to SoH!