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icon_hku_button 16 Oct 2020 – Resources for Successful Digital T & L

icon_hku_button 23 Sep 2020 – Mid-course feedback in Moodle, with tips for teachers

icon_hku_button 28 Aug 2020 – Additional T&L matters – Semester 1 for HKU staff (Message from Vice President)

icon_hku_button 24 Jul 2020 – HKU E-learning Quick Start Guide by TELI

icon_hku_button 30 Jun 2020 – T&L Support for HKU Teaching Staff (Message from Vice President)

icon_hku_button Apr 2020 – Faculty Guideline on Online Teaching and Learning (202004)

icon_hku_button 17 Feb 2020 – TELI workshop for Arts teachers

TELI workshop for Arts Teachers (Part 1)
TELI workshop for Arts Teachers (Part 2)

icon_hku_button 31 Jan 2020 – The Faculty of Education is building case studies sharing colleagues’ experiences/ tips with online teaching

icon_hku_button Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) @ HKU

icon_hku_button TeLi has produced the following four videos on setting up Zoom and Moodle Chatroom and Forum:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N4wIyt9J6M (Zoom setup)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mdc_1FNlok (Zoom room breakout);
https://youtu.be/gXhxyzLm_J4 (Moodle Chatroom for text-based synchronous/real-time discussions)
https://youtu.be/2SYZO_qzwFk (Moodle Forum for text-based asynchronous discussion)

icon_hku_button Downloading Microsoft Office 365

Faculty and staff in departments subscribing to Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES, previously called Microsoft Campus Agreement) are entitled the right to download and install Office 365 ProPlus on up to 5 personal machines (PC or Mac) and Office apps on 5 other mobile devices including Android, iPad, and Windows tablets without additional cost.

User guide to download and install office 365

icon_hku_button Equipment available for borrowing by teachers


icon_hku_button HKU e-Learning Support Services

Please select the maker on the map to view the HKU e-Learning resources support (TELI Teaching Innovation Production Studio(TIPS), Library Innovation Centre and Panopto Service).